Times Square

I am Dan, a 26 year old filmmaker from Germany.
My heart beats for epic visuals and I love to create narratives with a sense of (dark) humor. After graduating from London Met Film School in 2015, with my film on the First World War in my back pocket, I returned to Germany.

After two years of working experience in the film industry, or in other words, after two years of serving the best coffee as a set-runner, I moved up the ladder and started working as an AD for feature films and TV shows. After working on set for the Netflix Series “Dark”, I took faith into my own hands and with the little money I had left, decided to shoot my first passion project for Coca-Cola.

My film gained international attention from Horizont, Shots, Creative Sources and Ads of the World.
Of course Coca-Cola now wishes it was their idea, but I beat them to it!
And I am still waiting for Coca-Cola to call me...

e: daniel.borovkov@gmx.de

© 2020 Daniel Borovkov